Eight Creative Ways to Eat Taralli All Day Long

Eight Creative Ways to Eat Taralli All Day Long

Imagine a cracker that has the crunch of a thin breadstick, the savory flavor of high-quality olive oil, and the round shape and shine of a New York bagel. Seems impossible, but that’s taralli!  

These classic Italian crackers bring that irresistible combination in every mouthful. Despite their short ingredient list, taralli’s flavor and versatility is unmatched. 

If you haven’t already discovered the wonderful world of Taralli, consider this your invitation. 

If you’re a diehard fan, keep reading for new ideas of how to incorporate your favorite cracker into your daily diet. 

Wait, what is taralli?

Taralli are a classic Italian cracker made with just five ingredients: flour, water, olive oil, white wine and salt. The dough is shaped into small rings then boiled and baked to create a cracker that is delightfully crunchy and crumbly at the same time. 

The origins of Taralli date back hundreds of years to Puglia, the heel of the boot. Some people claim that the crackers were first made by a mom who was looking to feed her family with only what she had in her pantry: flour, white wine, olive oil, and salt. Legend says that she made a simple dough, shaped it into rings, baked the rings, and was wowed by the result. 

Others insist that taralli originated as a food for the poor, made with scraps of bread dough. The bakers would take the scraps from the rich people’s loaves, mix them with olive oil and wine, then bake them into crackers for the less fortunate. 

However taralli were first made, they have endured throughout the ages and are still enjoyed in Italy today. Traditional taralli were flavored simply with salt or perhaps fennel. Today there are numerous flavors of taralli including cacio e pepe taralli, multigrain taralli, turmeric taralli, sun dried tomato taralli, black olive taralli and more. 

Eight Ways to Eat Taralli Day or Night

Taralli are a great addition to meals and snacks at any time of day. To help you increase your taralli intake, we’ve compiled eight of our favorite ways to enjoy this crispy, crumbly cracker:

  • Dipped In Wine (Or Grape Juice)
  • A traditional Italian way to enjoy taralli is with a glass of wine (or grape juice). Dip the cracker into your glass and allow it to soak up some of the liquid. Then, enjoy the way that the texture and flavor transform. Classic taralli are the perfect choice for pairing with your favorite grape. 

  • As Croutons on Your Next Salad
  • Every salad needs some crunch, so why not use taralli in place of croutons in your next creation? Gently break the taralli into halves or quarters then toss them in with your favorite greens and veggies. We recommend pairing the peperoncino taralli with spring mix, roasted red pepper, carrots, and your favorite dressing. 

  • With A Spritz
  • The savory flavor of taralli is an excellent complement to the bitter and sweet fizz of a spritz. Next time you’re having a before-dinner drink, put out a bowl of farro taralli for snacking. 

  • In Your Kid’s Lunch Box
  • Instead of relying on goldfish or potato chips, you can pack taralli to add a distinct Italian flair to school lunch. The mild flavor of taralli makes them a favorite of even the pickiest eaters. Besides, what kid doesn’t love a food that they can also wear as a ring? 

  • Adding Crunch to an Antipasto Platter
  • Taralli are often found as a crunchy complement to the rich cured meats and cheeses that make up a traditional Italian antipasto platter. Enhance the flavor of finocchiona by pairing it with a fennel taralli or opt for a multigrain taralli to add nutty flavor with your favorite creamy cheese. 

  • On a Skewer
  • The ring shape of taralli make them perfect for skewers. Bring a charcuterie board on the go by layering chunks of salami, firm cheese, pickles, and taralli on skewers. No one can resist food on a stick! 

  • In Place of Popcorn at Your Next Movie Night
  • Next time you cue up Roman Holiday, The Godfather, or your favorite Fellini film, stay on theme by enjoying taralli in place of popcorn. The cacio e pepe taralli are particularly hard to stop eating. 

  • Alongside Your Favorite Dip
  • Taralli’s unique texture pairs perfectly with creamy dips. Onion dip would be excellent with the earthy flavor of turmeric taralli. For a more out of the box snack, add some classic taralli in with the tortilla chips next time you make queso and guacamole. 

    Though they often fly under the radar outside of Italy, taralli are a cracker worth adding to your rotation. Equally as delicious on their own as they are paired with meats and cheeses, we just can’t get enough of the rich olive oil flavor, distinct texture, and extreme versatility of this Pugliese delicacy. How will you enjoy your next bag of taralli?

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