Nicola’s Marketplace Bronze Die Pasta Available Nationwide

Nicola’s Marketplace Bronze Die Pasta Available Nationwide

Italian chef will be donating a pound of pasta to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey for every order placed starting September 2023 

New York, NY – Chef Nicola DiGiorgio, owner of online Italian grocery store Nicola’s Marketplace, will donate one pound of bronze die pasta to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey (CFBNJ) for every order placed online starting September 1, 2023.

“Giving back to our New Jersey community and helping others is one of our core values at Nicola’s Marketplace. And what better way than feeding our neighbors in need with delicious pasta!” said Chef Nicola.  “For every order placed on the Nicola’s Marketplace website, one pound of bronze die pasta will be donated to CFBNJ. We’re so proud to support the great work of this New Jersey-based organization.”

Chef Nicola is on a mission to teach more Americans about the superiority of bronze die pasta.  The chef, who trained at Italian Culinary Academy in Parma, Italy, cuts and shapes his pasta the Italian way, using a bronze die and only premium ingredients, like organic unbleached semolina flour imported from Italy.  He creates restaurant-quality pasta including fettuccine, orecchiette, pappardelle, radiatori, bucatini, and classics like spaghetti and rigatoni and now ships them nationwide through his website

“Most pasta you find on supermarket shelves is cut with a Teflon die and mass produced. This compromises the texture and the mouthfeel of the pasta and it’s not the way they do it in Italy,” said Chef Nicola. “Bronze die pasta grips the sauce better and it changes the dining experience all together.  I want Americans to taste the difference bronze die makes.  I’m confident they’ll never want to go back to anything else!”

About Nicola’s Marketplace

Nicola's Marketplace offers an artisanal line of Italian products to customers across the United States. Committed to make all products fresh and with simple ingredients, the Marketplace was founded by Chef Nicola DiGiorgio in 2021.  Chef Nicola was passionate about the culinary arts for his whole life, having spent his childhood with his grandmother making pasta, pizza, and desserts from scratch. This built the foundation of learning the traditional Italian cooking methods passed down from generations before. Chef Nicola graduated from the Italian Culinary Academy in Parma Italy, where he learned different techniques of cooking and baking with a farm-to-table foundation.  He now uses his culinary talents to create new recipes that bring out the best of the local and seasonal ingredients he sources from New Jersey farms, bringing a taste of Italy to your table. Products are made without any preservatives, processed ingredients, or fillers and shipped sustainably nationwide. For more information, please visit or follow on social media @nicolasmarketplace

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